Sueanne writes commercial fiction. Feel free to click through to find something of interest to you:

  • Writing prompts - whether it's a #JustWrite prompt to get your pen and paper (or laptop) out and free write for a set amount of words without editing, or perhaps some different competitions to think about, this section will get you thinking and motivated to write.
  • There is so much to learn about writing - Sueanne will post what she is learning about the craft when something of interest pops up.
  • Published fiction - slowly, but surely (because Sueanne is determined to become a  published author), this is where you will find links to her published works.
  • Where she is at with her current work in progress, which has the working title of Travelling Salesman.
  • Anthologies - some exciting projects that her writers' group has worked on, and she would love for you to check them out!