Hidden Depths – second anthology released!

On the 27th August 2017, the second anthology by the AWC Online Workshopping Group was released online.  Hidden Depths includes ten short stories by the members, including myself. My contribution is 'Wrong Side of the Tracks' -- Belinda is from the wrong side of the tracks; drugs, bad men and booze dominate her life. Suddenly she…

What time is it?

When phrases don't end the way you think they should end Do you ever hear someone start to say something and while they continue on with their sentence, you're continuing it in your head (or out loud for that matter!) with a line from a movie or song? I do … all the time. My…

Albom, Auel & Crabb – some reads for you

A round-up to date of book club for 2017 How are the school holidays treating you? Fantastic? Mediocre? Crap? All are perfectly legitimate answers although I do hope you're not down at the zero end of a 0-10 scale! And of course, perhaps you don't have kids and school holidays mean nothing to you. But…