Do you have any qualifications?


I do. My most formal qualification is a degree in Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Central Queensland University in 2006.

Other short courses I have participated in include:

> A children’s storybook writing course with author Hazel Edwards through the Queensland Writers Centre in 2010.

> ‘Introduction to Creative Writing’ online course through the Australian Writers Centre with Pamela Freeman as the tutor in 2014.

> ‘Copywriting Essentials’ online course also through the AWC with Bernadette Schwerdt as the tutor in 2016.

> ‘Get Paid to Write’ online course through Bernadette Schwerdt’s Copy School.


What is copywriting, exactly?


Copywriting is a form of advertising, which is a form of marketing.

Essentially, it is the words that sell products and services: advertisements, brochures, sales letters, newsletters, blog posts, websites (if necessary, focusing on SEO), emailers and so on.

While it might sound easy enough, the business of writing words to sell things, there is a trick to doing it successfully without scaring off customers and coming across as spammy and annoying.

Click through to the Sueanne's Copywriting Services link if you would like to talk to me about helping your business with my copywriting services.


What is your current fiction manuscript about?


The original working title of this contemporary women's fiction (domestic noir) story was called ‘Travelling Salesman’ and the initial idea came from a Seeker Lover Keeper song called ‘Even Though I’m a Woman’. It's current title is a work in progress!

My story is constantly evolving as I discover what is going to happen to my characters because deep down I am a pantser (otherwise known as someone who writes without a detailed outline). I am, however, discovering that it doesn't hurt to have some kind of outline and as such, have been working further ahead so I can put some structure into my plot ... Even though I know, to a degree, what I want to happen and how it ends!

Other than that, I am going to leave you guessing as to what it may be about. I'd like to say think along the lines of Liane Moriarty, Jane Harper, Kylie Ladd - if I could be so bold! A story about everyday life where things aren't always 'everyday' 🙂


Are you a member of any writing and reading organisations?


Absolutely. They are as follows:

> Romance Writers of Australia (RWA)

> Sisters in Crime Australia 

> Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA)

> Queensland Writers Centre (QWC)

> Australian Society of Authors (ASA)

> Australian Writers Centre (AWC) - while this isn't paid membership as such, I've completed courses from here and am a member of specific groups set up by this organisation.


Who are your favourite authors?


I have so many ... I’ll start with the Aussie’s:

Fiona McIntosh, Liane Moriarty, Peter Watt, Tony Park, Beverley Harper, Patricia Shaw, Kate Morton, Tricia Stringer.

Others include: JoJo Moyes, Lisa Genova, Jodi Picoult, C.J. Box, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Vince Flynn.

And the list goes on …


You live on a farm. Do you have any animals?


No cows, horses, ducks, geese and so on.

We have a Dachshund called Frankie, a cat called Zena and a Catahoula/Bloodhound puppy called Holly.

My in-laws have a Labrador called Jasmine, AKA Jazzie, and chooks who keep us all in fresh supply of eggs.


Answer these age old favourites:


Sweet or savoury? A. Depends on the occasion and time of day. I love both. But, I guess sweet before lunch and savoury after!

Beer or wine? A. I do love and prefer a good sav blanc or semi sav blanc, but I’ve come to enjoy an icy cold Miller Chill.

City or country? A. Country definitely. The peace and quiet of no traffic and no noisy neighbours (although my three children make up for this). But, I love to visit the big smoke and eat good food (that I don’t have to cook) and to fit a bit of shopping in.

Paper book or e-book? A. Paper! I really do prefer a proper book that I can hold, but an e-book is easy and handy when travelling and I want to take more than one to read but am limited with weight and space.

Rock music or country music? A. Both. And everything in between. Except for that hard-core stuff (think: Marilyn Manson) ‘cause I just don’t understand it!


Are you on social media? Where can we find you?


Of course I am. Here's the list:

Facebook - Sueanne Gregg Writer

Instagram - Sueanne Gregg Writer

Twitter - geesuzie

Pinterest - Sueanne Gregg

And of course, you can email me: sueanne@sueannegreggwriter.com